7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready to Sell

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Are you ready to begin getting your home in top condition to sell? There are a few steps every homeowner should take before listing your home to maximize the chances of getting a high offer. From decluttering and cleaning to fixing broken items and painting, the following actions can help dramatically when trying to sell your house.

1. Declutter Everything
Organizing your space will help prospective buyers visualize the home with their own things in it. Clutter, knick-knacks, and stuffed closets make it much harder for buyers to see how they could make it their own.

2. Have Extra Light Bulbs On Hand
All lights will need to remain on when your house is being shown. Having an extra stock of light bulbs ensures buyers can see every corner and room that they’re interested in.

3.  Deep Clean Your Home
Be sure that your home gives the best impression to interested buyers. Clean all floors, surfaces, toilets, rugs, and bathrooms. Some areas might need to be cleaned again while you’re in the middle of trying to sell. Do some research to find information about how to dust high ceilings or tips for cleaning your sink disposal. You can also make an appointment with a professional home or carpet cleaner to save yourself some time putting your house in immaculate shape.

4. Make an Appointment with a Handyman
If your home is older, you might need a handyman to come out more than once to fix toilets that run, faucets that leak, any cracks in walls or doors, malfunctioning locks, and appliances that might be broken. Buyers should never get the impression that your home hasn’t been maintained properly.

5. Do Some Touch-up Painting
Paint over any bright colors and make everything neutral. Light shades of white, greys, and beiges can make your house seem much brighter, more welcoming, and even bigger. New paint shows buyers that the home has been given a blank slate, and it also helps to hide any flaws. If you have kids and choose not to paint, be sure that fingerprints and smudges are cleaned up.

6. Try Staging Your House
Findings have shown that staging helps houses sell at higher price points much faster. It’s an easy way to increase appeal to buyers. Don’t forget the outside: mow the lawn, ensure the landscaping looks attractive, and put random objects like toys or gnomes away. If you’re lucky, you can get away with skipping external paint; but if your house looks like it could desperately use it, work this into your plan as well.

7. Depersonalizing Your House
Ensure that your home looks inviting and welcoming, but try to clean up a few unnecessary objects around the house. Most photos that are framed can be taken down along with bulletin boards that appear messy, personal objects like magazines, equipment, toys, photo books, and awards. A handful of nice photos can remain, but be sure that people aren’t bombarded with personal items when they walk through.

I certainly hope this advice helps for when you get ready to sell!

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